Monday, February 28, 2011

The sounds of spring - Peepers!

Okay, after 2 blogs that I follow have mentioned hearing spring peepers, I'm going to post this little video clip that I took last year just to share the sounds of spring with those of you who might still be waiting for it.
You don't have to play the whole thing, and there's nothing to see but darkness since it was recorded at night across the pond, but the little frogs' songs are so cute.  I don't remember hearing these guys when I lived in Wisconsin so I'm not sure if they're more of a southern thing.  And at times, their song can hardly be tuned out.    Hope you can play this...

Are you tired of titmouses?

Oopsie.  Dropped one.


I hope not!  Stay tuned - it's almost March!

Table for two, please...

They have 15 acres they're grazing now up front, and yet they have to eat THIS CLOSE together...
They're not always this close, but still!  Sheesh!  Get a room!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Run*A*Round = Heron Heaven

I love the golden light of this particular afternoon.

A beautiful downy

All colored out for the breeding season.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blackbirds vs. Grackles - Round 2

Looks like it could be another win for the Grackles...
Oops!  Not so fast!  Judges call it a draw!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take a walk with me...

Accompany me on a relaxing stroll around the back field.
Baron's leading the way.
We have a few trees that keep their leaves all winter long.
With the slightest wind, they lend a good rustle to the walk.

We have a boogeyman tree back here.  Looks a bit like
a scary jack o' lantern.  Best not to lurk here at dusk.

There's a creek that runs through the side of our property...
...and it curves to continue across the back of our land.
Scratchy briars and clinging vines help form a natural boundary to the horse pasture.
Berries add a bit of color along the way.
Mistletoe gives us some green although it's a bit bedraggled from earlier freezes.
The racoon tracks tell us we're not the only ones who use these trails.
And the dogs and/or coyotes have gifted us with yet another boar skull.
Marigold says it's time to go back up front.
Because look who's waiting for us at the barn for feeding time.
Thanks for sharing this walk on a lovely February day...

Linking in to Farm Friend Friday over at Verde Farm

Chickadee and Titmouse

Dance or cage match?

Crows' Feet

"Tiptoe through the tulips..."
"Round your pardner, do-si-do!"
"Walk like an Egyptian..."
"Lets limbo some more..."
"We will, we will, rock you!"
"Put your right foot in, put your right foot out..."

"Night fever, night fev-uh..."
"Who's bad?!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring bellies

Nothing like pregnant mare bellies and/or horse lips nibbling fresh greens to put you in the spring mood.

These lovely ladies pasture caddy-corner 'cross the road from Run*A*Round.
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