Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

I think this is a female as her tail is considerably shorter than some I've seen.  She was kind enough to pose for me, however, so bloggers can't be choosers.

I pulled 2 photos from last year's archive to show you a male.

They are lovely birds who put on quite an aerial and vocal display during mating season.  Click here if you wish to play a recording of their delightful sounds.

A walk in the back pasture: Bugs in blooms

And just as an added bonus, I'm including mesquite trees because they BUG me!  If you cut them down or mow them down (tractor tires beware), they just come back and are sneaky enough to learn to grow along the ground.  You have to spray them with a Remedy mixture in order to kill them (and even then, the thorny cusses will sometimes spring back from the roots the next season!) 
I try to spray them several times a year when they're still this size...
before they get to this size or worse!  They will overtake a pasture in one season if you're not diligent in your poison patrol!

What a hunk...

A cute butt
 Six-pack abs
 Gentlemanly manners
 and a handsome, chiseled face
 What more could a lady want?

Gem:  {swoon}

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby barn swallows

Little fuzzle-heads...

The horsehair used in the nesting material makes a comb-over that even Donald Trump would be proud of!

Hungry mouths
Ever-present parents hunting to feed them well into dusk.

A walk in the back pasture: Blooms

A walk in the back pasture yielded lots of blooms, bugs, and butterflies.  I'll start you off with a few blooms (with some possible bugs mixed in for good measure).
Pineleaf vervain
A late-blooming Bluebonnet
A late-blooming Indian Paintbrush
Pink Evening Primrose ranging from almost white...

to light pink...

to bright pink!
A few Buttercups
and an occasional Dandelion pouf!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Memorial Day...

A rancher a ways north of here has a creative fenceline at his place.  He has the American flag 'built-in' to the fence near the gate.

I thought it made a good patriotic statement for this Memorial Day as we in the US give thanks to those who have lost their lives through their military service, as well as thanks to their families who have given so much.

(Because this IS Texas, the rancher also has the Texas flag on the other side of the gate.)

Great Blue wonder

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Protection detail

When I meandered up the driveway to snap wildflower photos, 4 out of 5 dogs were in the back pasture doing what they do.  They came around the pond, saw my figure lurking half-way up the front pasture and proceeded to charge up the driveway to protect our property from an intruder.

Tough crowd...

"Oh, let's go back.  It's just mom..."

Texas is a wildflower wonderland

In spring, we get the glorious bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes and pink evening primrose.  Then as spring pushes into summer, we get Indian blankets, coneflowers, beebalm, and a mix of other blooming weeds and wildflowers.  I took a walk up the driveway, camera in hand one day, to share more of our color with you.

The Indian blankets hug the fencelines.
and spill out into the pasture mixing in with beebalm, Texas star, and a few leftover bluebonnets
The purple/white blooms are beebalm.  Those strange 'beans' in the foreground are bluebonnet seed pods.
A few coneflowers join in too.

And look!  The neighbors' cattle staying on their side of the fence for a change!
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