Friday, September 30, 2011

For Weekend Reflections

This just might be my first Weekend Reflections link-up that doesn't involve the pond.  :)
Spotted this pretty baby sitting in front of our local Dollar General store. 

The driver/presumed owner/lady had stopped to buy rolls of paper towels and some bottled water and was washing it/wiping it down in the parking lot.  I presumed she was on her way to a car show.  Either that, or she has some serious OCD issues...
That's her on the left.

Yeah, that's me reflected in the bumper, squatting down to take the shot.

Put a Fence in Front of It 3

Little Mare and Shorty from across the road.
A goat down the road on the right
and his buddies.
Some sheep down the road to the left.

Okay, too much fence in front, fat boy...

How about a tree?
And another?

Add in one black vulture.
A double fence-in-front treatment.
And finally, not really a fence, but electrical lines across the face of the September harvest moon will suffice.
Linking to Jan's new meme Friday's Fences which I feel partially responsible for!  :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PSA (or TMI)

A little public service announcement for all of my fellow Blogspot-hosted bloggers...
Google and Blogger like to mix their wares.  They believe it is convenient to hold all your cards in one neat and tidy deck (and profile).  Well, I have used Blogger as my blog host since day one.  I do appreciate the free service, occasional headaches and all.  I also utilize Google Reader to read the blogs I follow, and I appreciate that service as well. 
To complicate matters, I recently switched my blog's primary email from hotmail to gmail to also nest under that Google umbrella.  I managed to swing that switch very carefully with a little forethought and forewarning based on some issues other bloggers had divulged.
I recently accessed Google+ and thought it was a neat add-on to the Google world.  A nice way to pass along favorite blogger posts or shares to folks within my circles.  Easy to access directly from my Google Reader account.
Under that Google+ platform is a set of photo albums that comes through to your profile from your related Google accounts.  I thought, "Hey, I'll just get rid of these under my old hotmail G+ account because I don't want them sitting out there, junking up the place.  They're just a bunch of miscellaneous photos anyway."  I deleted one, then just reset the access on the others to private ('you only' readership).

Well, lo and behold, Google DOES NOT TELL YOU in a warning prompt or anything else that what you're about to delete (or change) will directly affect your blog.  Those innocent little photo albums housed in your G+ profile ARE your blog photos (which are stored as Picasa Web Albums, by the way).  They're not just copies shown there for enjoyment.  If you delete them, they're gone for good (per the Picasa Web Help Forums, currently there's no way to retrieve them). 

So, I spent a couple of days restoring photos to the last month and a half of my blog posts - those that were previously housed in that one photo album that I deleted.  As to the posts that still had photos in saved albums but no photos were displaying, thankfully, I found an answer on a Blogger Help Forum to switch their access setting to 'Public', and that restored them to my blog.  Whew!  I am grateful to have not lost a year and a half of history in my very profilicly-posted-to blog.  I would have survived, but would not have been pleased.  Per the Help Forum posts, many people have lost their complete blog history because they deleted these albums displayed so innocently under G+.

Blah, blah, blah, so all this rambling is to pass along two major points to you:

1.  Don't ever delete a Picasa Web Album from G+ or it will delete those photos from your blog with no hope of retrieval, short of manually reloading them from stored photos (assuming you still have the photos).

2.  Back up your blog regularly - Blogger has a very easy program set up under Dashboard-Settings-Basic.  The top box shows import/export capabilities.  Simply click export to save your blog as an .xml file on a hard drive.  Per the help forums, this saves your posts, photos and comments for you.  If you ever wish to move your blog to another host platform, this file will do it.  Or if you ever need to restore your blog due to your own idiocy, this file should do that also.  I ran the backup today, and even though I have more than 1,000 posts, it ran in a few minutes.  I can only trust it's all there, but hopefully I'll never need to find out...

And one more minor point, just be careful with Google/Blogger/Picasa Web/G+ inbred features.  You just never know when one minor switch will create one major glitch. 

In other words, gain from my pain, and don't do what I did.  :)  As always, thanks for your visits, your readership, your comments, and your friendship! 

Rock on, Google/Blogger/G+/Picasa Web twisted sister, Cousin Itt.  Rock on!

Green heron in the morn

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Men's formalwear aka Tuxedo in the window

Tuxedo's favorite viewing station is his window in the barn loft.

Because she made me, linking to Tricia's Barn Charm

Monday, September 26, 2011

For Macro Monday

I haven't linked in to Macro Monday in a very long time.  Sorry if I activate any of your "Eek!" cells, but she sure was pretty perched on this leaf...
What a beauty!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweet September skies IV

God's eye looks a little bloodshot, don't you think?

My night-time photography assistant, Tuxedo.

Keeping things in perspective

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eurasian collared-dove

Of all the birds I've seen at Run*A*Round, I've never seen a pigeon here.  I've seen them roosting on a roof down the road a bit, but have never seen them onsite (maybe we have too many hawks?)  Anyway, the Eurasian collared-dove is the closest thing to a pigeon we get. 
Larger than their mourning dove cousins, lighter in color and a bit faster in 'coo', they start showing up more as we get closer to fall (timing often coincides with the opening of dove season.  Hmmm.) 
Eurasian collared with a few mourning doves.

They are beautiful birds.

Comin' In!

Sometimes Zim and Gem have the best time flying from the front hay pasture, around the pond trail, to return to the back pasture.  It's a fun game for them to streak through the trees and round the bend to the barn.

Sometimes the dogs rush over to greet them at their destination.

And there's nothing like a good snort to finish out the excitement of the run.
(And, yes, that barn door still needs fixing, but what's the point when Zim's just going to get bored in his paddock at night and chew and pull on it anyway?)
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