Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whistlers on Wednesday 35 - With a Pile O' Friends!

A pair of whistling ducks hang out with a row of turtles (red-eared sliders, not the snapping kind) sunning at the pond.
First, I love this 'needle eye' tree stump.
Second, I love the little guy on top of the big turtle to the right - 'Wheeee!'

The rope is part of Gem's 'pool' enclosure to keep her from wading through the water and coming up into the yard.
After I uploaded these photos, I noticed one turtle in particular, and I cropped in closer to show you...

See the goofy one on the left, biting the shell of the little climber in front of him?

I like the big turtles' sexy leg stretch. :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not Afraid to Eat Among the Big Guys

A male Painted Bunting gets down to eating, even as he's surrounded by Whistling Ducks, Mourning Doves and Cardinals. A lot of photos, but I know you like this colorful bird, and he's kind of cute, just be-bopping along.

I think he's a flirt.

The female Cardinal really looks to be checking him out!

"Where does he buy his suits?"

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Monday, July 29, 2013

More Varmints

Double-decker raiders.
Casual dining.
Trying to be cool.

And just hanging around.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Male Cardinal

Resting in the Cedar tree. These guys really can't hide.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Grappling with Reptiles

Last week I showed you the Copperhead I dealt with one morning. Today, I'll show you a couple of Snapping Turtles I encountered last month.

When I find snappers on land, it is because the females have come up out of the pond to dig a hole and lay their eggs. The dogs typically alert me to their presence, but know to stay relatively clear of them (at least they have so far.)
 These prehistoric looking creatures are fascinating, even if their jaws and 'beaks' are dangerous.
We prefer not to have them in our pond, however, as they pluck ducklings from below like they're eating popcorn, and they've broken a few legs of adult ducks, too, while trying to drag them under to drown them. (This is why when any of you ask if we're going to have whistler or wood duck babies here, I shudder and say, "I hope not!") Anyway, once I secure the dogs, I return to the snapping turtle with a large plastic tub and a big stick. I push her by her butt as she lunges forward and upward and snaps at me until she is able to be scooped into the tub.
The tub fits nicely in the trunk of my car, and off we go about a mile away to a pond up close to the dirt road where only cattle, donkeys, coyotes and wild boar reside. There, I tip her out of the tub through the barbed wire fence just feet from her new pond home.
 If I spoke turtle, I'm sure she would have been cussing me out, here.
A week after relocating the large female above, I caught a smaller one and repeated the process.
She wasn't happy with me, either.
Have a good, long life, ladies! Just munch on someone else's ducks, okay?

Amended: SO glad she commented today, as I couldn't remember which blog I had seen this on last month. Great minds and all... Check out The Dancing Donkey's post about relocating snapping turtles here. :)
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